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Filmic Pro


  • App Store Editor’s Choice
  • Top 5 in Photo & Video apps
  • Regularly featured in the App Store


Filmic Pro is a popular video recording app available on iOS and Android. It’s considered the gold standard of mobile filmmaking and has been used in feature films and Apple ads.

During my time at Filmic Pro I specifically worked on:

  • Creating a new reliable, extendable audio pipeline in the video recording app as a standalone framework written in Swift, Objective-C, C++, and C.
  • Creating a variety of custom audio related UI elements written in Swift and Objective-C (Objective-C++ to interact with C++ code).
  • Custom hardware integrations in the video recording app.
  • Breaking up the code base into stand alone frameworks that were integrated into multiple Filmic products via Cocoapods and/or git subtrees.
  • Special audio-related project that will be coming out Fall 2019.

Apple Keynote

Filmic Pro was featured in the Apple Keynote in 2019 during the iPhone 11 Pro debut. This included a sneak peak of the new 7.0 version of Filmic Pro coming out in 2019.

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